Many people ask us the question, what is the Nutfield Fire Protection District? We find it very hard to put that answer into a simple explanation, but maybe the word “brotherhood” fits.

Back in the 1700’s the area in southern New Hampshire which included Derry, Londonderry, Windham and parts of Manchester was originally named “Nutfield” for the many nut producing trees in the area. So in December 2002, when a few local firefighters began to meet once a year to celebrate the spirit of the season, the name “Nutfield Fire” was an easy choice.

In the early years, gag-gifts were exchanged and many memories were made. Year after year the group grew to what it is today. Many firefighters, friends and families gather still at the Londonderry 99 Restaurant in early December to celebrate the spirit of the season and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

The focus has changed over the years to include collecting Toys for Tots and also raising funds to support firefighters battling cancer. And that is where the word brotherhood comes in. You do not have to join nor are you required to attend any Nutfield events to be a member. Anybody and everybody that walks through the doors at any of our events is now part of the group. The spirit of giving and love is amazing and can be seen represented by the many hugs and smiles.

This year we will be surrounded again by friends, co-workers and families standing shoulder to shoulder to help raise funds for our brothers and sisters fighting this horrible disease called cancer. It was not a matter of receiving but a matter of giving. Brotherhood isn’t just a word; it is a dedication to each other, not just when it is convenient. Many people say it but very few live it.

So the easy answer is, Nutfield Fire is a cancer support group. But in reality Nutfield is a Brotherhood.